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28 Oct 2017 • eugene

Newbies A

Angry Bird Maze
Angry Bird Maze

Today we write our first program. We use the mouse skills we learned last week to drag blocks to create programs to solve fun puzzles. First puzzle on deck: Angry Bird vs Pig!

Programming in Maze -, Pre-Express, Stage 7

Then we finish class with some more Ghost Typing!

Ghost Typing Jr. -

Newbies AA

Today, we play with bees! Using your programming skills, help the bees collect nectar and make honey:

Conditionals in Bee -, Course D, Stage 11

Then we finish class with some fun Halloween games.

Holiday Games -



Today, we continue our dive into learning HTML with codeacademy. We finish Introduction to HTML (its 14 steps), then move on to Common Elements.

codeacademy - codeacademy Learn HTML

Enjoy today's coding!


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