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9 Sep 2017 • eugene

Newbies A

Debugging Example
Debugging Example

A few lessons back, we debugged bee programs. Today we'll advance our skills further and debug artist programs.

Artist Debugging -, Course 2, Lesson 11

Newbies AA

Loops are pretty handy, they allow us to repeat the same steps over and over again. Today, we dive into the concept of nested loops and draw some cool stuff.

Artist Nested Loops -, Course 2, Lesson 19

Get Your Game On

For the last 10 minutes or so of class we'll wrap-up with some educational games for kids.

Games -


Platformer Game
Platformer Game

Today, we continue our dive into creating games using HTML5 with Javascript. This week, we'll work on a platformer game and run a web server locally using our old friend Python. Awesome!

HTML5 Games Workshop - Mozilla Foundation

Let the fun begin!


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