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19 Aug 2017 • eugene


We'll break our rowdy Newbies into two fun groups: Newbies A and Newbies AA. This way we don't bore our budding Hackers with introductory material. Then we'll finish the class all together with some learning games.

Newbies A

Bee Conditional Example
Bee Conditional Example

Yes, more bees! Last week we helped the bees find flowers, gather nectar, then make honey. We learned how to do it one step at a time - so that we could debug our solutions. Today, we go a step further with the introduction of Conditionals (decision points).

Bee Conditionals -, Course 2, Lesson 13

Newbies AA

Flappy Game Screen
Flappy Game Screen

Now things are getting fun. Today we dive into event handlers - by creating controls for a Flappy game. This is where we can program a game to react to the player's input. Very cool. Have fun!

Flappy -, Course 2, Lesson 16

Get Your Game On

For the last 10 minutes or so of class we'll wrap-up with some fun learning games from Disney.

Games - Disney LOL


MDN Breakout Game
MDN Breakout Game

Building your own games is a great way to learn programming. Today we'll start to build our own "Breakout" game. We'll build it using HTML5 with Javascript. And we'll do it using our trusty web development tools Notepad++ and Chrome.

2D Breakout Game - Mozilla Foundation

Let the fun begin!


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