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Newbie Resources

3 Mar 2017 • eugene

Newbies are a big challenge for us mentors. They're almost ready for navigating the OS, firing-up code editors, and working with the command line. To get them ready, we carefully select activities from a variety of resources that build the skills they need. More, we try to keep it fun and switch between them during class to keep the kids engaged.


When the kids start racing through these activities and get bored, they're ready to advance and join the Hackers!


Site Role
Hour of Code Get kids excited about coding! Course 1 Develop computational thinking skills Course 2 Further develop computational thinking skills
TypingClub Introduce to keyboards and touch typing
PublishYourDesign Develop navigation / spatial skills using Legos!
PBS Kids Increase comfort with PC's through kids games
Tynker Games that teach computational thinking skills
ABCYa Educational games for kids


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