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My First Website Part 1

11 Feb 2017 • eugene

Install Git

We'll be using Git, the world's most advanced and popular source code management system (SCM). An SCM is a handy tool to hold our files and track their changes.

  1. Download latest version of Git for Windows.
  2. Install Git; use and accept the default options.
  3. Open Git Bash (use Windows button on bottom left).
    Find Git Bash
  4. Create a directory for this laptop's SSH key:
    $ cd (make sure we're in the home directory)
    $ mkdir .ssh
  5. Insert flash drive from your mentor into your laptop's USB port AND get the drive letter it's assigned (it will appear on bottom right).
    Get the Drive Letter
  6. Ask your mentor for the laptop's key number is (i.e. 04).
  7. Copy the laptop's private SSH key from the flash drive using the drive letter you noted in Step 5 and the key number you were given in Step 6. For example, for drive F and key 04 the command is:
    $ cp /f/dojo/keys/key04-id_rsa .ssh/id_rsa
    (remember to use the drive letter and key number in-place of f and 04)
  8. Copy the laptop's public SSH key using the same method. Example:
    $ cp /f/dojo/keys/ .ssh/
    (note the .pub file extension for public)
  9. Ask your mentor for the laptop's unique name (i.e. coderdojo-7). There should be no spaces!
  10. Set your laptop's name and email in Git:
    $ git config --global "coderdojo-7"
    $ git config --global

Get the Code

We need a copy of our files so that we can get coding!

  1. If not already open, open Git Bash (use Windows button on bottom left).
  2. Change to the Documents directory in Windows:
    $ cd (make sure we're in the home directory)
    $ cd Documents
  3. Create a directory named workspace for our work:
    $ mkdir workspace (make it!)
    $ cd workspace (change to it)
  4. Enter command to clone our dojo's repository for My First Website:
    $ git clone ssh://
  5. Verify that the host fingerprint matches that shown in image below, then answer by typing: yes
    Verify Host
  6. Git will now securely download an exact copy of the repository to your machine. The output should be similar to that shown in the image below.
    Cloning Output
  7. Change to the directory for the repository and check it:
    $ cd dojo2017q1
    $ git status
  8. Create a branch using your own name (no spaces!) for your work:
    $ git checkout -b elvis (replace elvis with your name)
    $ git status
  9. You're now working in your very own area of the repository. Time to code!

Start Coding

Using the handout from your mentor, start with Card 1. There is a copy in the repository named My_first_website.pdf, also available online here.


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