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29 Oct 2016 • eugene


Today, we do loops!

Maze Loops -, Course 2, Stage 6

Help the angry birds get the pigs and the zombies get their sunflowers!

As before, our mentors will throw names into a hat, and pair-up the students. One student drives and one navigates. After each step, the students switch roles and work through the next step.


Today, there are two activities.

Finish MySQL

A few of our Hackers are not quite done yet with this module. Today, they'll spend the first half of the dojo doing Card 8 of the MySQL database Sushi cards, Beginner Databases.

Play with Python

It's time to do some programming! Follow the below instructions to install the latest version of the powerful programming language Python.

  1. Open Chrome, then type into the address bar.
  2. Select Downloads drop down button, and select Windows.
  3. Select Latest Python 3 Release link to download Python!
  4. Open the downloaded file, and install Python using all the default options.
  5. Then go to Windows start button, and select Python 3.5 then IDLE to launch the Python shell.
  6. Go back to Chrome, then type
  7. Scroll down and select '3. An informal introduction to Python'
  8. Work through the examples and see how far you can get!

Pair Programming

If you have a partner, switch seats after your partner finishes an example block. The partner then completes the next example block. Keep going until you finish.


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