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27 Aug 2016 • eugene


Today, it's using computational thinking to draw.

Artist Sequence -, Course 1, Stage 8

Help the little kid draw pictures! See if you can finish each step with a green dot - given for successful completion.

As before, our mentors will throw names into a hat, and pair-up the students. One student drives and one navigates. After each step, the students switch roles and work through the same step with a different Chrome user. Then switch roles again and move on to the next step.


We continue working through the MySQL database Sushi cards, Beginner Databases.

Launching MySQL Monitor

Use the following method to get to the MySQL command line (this replaces Card 1, Steps 8 - 10):

XAMPP Control Panel
XAMPP Control Panel
  1. Click the Shell button on the XAMPP Control Panel to launch the shell.
  2. In the shell, type mysql -u root then press [enter].

This will start the MySQL monitor where we can interact with the MySQL server. The -u root suffix we used gives us root authority, full access.

Pair Programming

If you have a partner, switch seats after your partner finishes a Sushi card. The second partner must create and use their own database:

  1. In the MySQL monitor, if you haven't already, create your own database: CREATE database CrazyGene; (use any name you like).
  2. When it is your turn at the keyboard, type: USE CrazyGene; (the name you used).
  3. If you are the first programmer, type: USE CoderDojo; (to use the database we created last week).


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