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This Saturday's Dojo

19 Aug 2016 • eugene


For this Saturday's dojo, we work further on our computational thinking. And we'll do so by playing with bees!

Bee Sequence -, Course 1, Stage 7

Help the bees find flowers, get nectar, go to the honeycomb, and make honey. See if you can finish each step with a green dot - given for successful completion.

As before, our mentors will throw names into a hat, and pair-up the students. One student drives and one navigates. After each step, the students switch roles and work through the same step with a different Chrome user. Then switch roles again and move on to the next step.


Uh oh, we're getting serious now... Databases! Our phone records, our bank records, our airline reservations, our passport records, and more, most are stored electronically in databases. This Saturday, 20 Aug 2016, we start a new set of Sushi cards, Beginner Databases. These cards introduce us to the World's most popular client-server database, MySQL.

Please be patient with your mentors. We too will be learning new things along with you!


  1. Get a copy of the Beginner Databases Sushi Cards from your mentor.
  2. Get a copy of the XAMPP installer from your mentor.
  3. Download a copy of the Beginner Databases source files.
  4. Extract the files into a folder on the desktop.
  5. Start with Card 1.
  6. Have fun!


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