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6 Aug 2016 • eugene


Good morning. Today is all about improving our PC navigation skills and using the flat screen to work in three dimensions (spatial mapping). A great way to build these skills is to build stuff with virtual Legos!

Build Academy

Dojo students throw their names in a hat, pair-up, and work through the Build Academy. Students work through each challenge. Once a student completes a challenge, they swap seats with their partner, and the partner completes the same challenge with a different Chrome user. Teamwork!


Level-up time. The fast lane Hackers finish their kata into Regular Expressions by using their new found skills to solve some fun mind-bending puzzles.

And new Hackers continue their march through the My First Website kata.

RegEx Puzzles

It's time to slay regular expressions. Finish these puzzles successfully and a kata badge will be coming your way.

  1. Open chrome and go to (type it in the address bar).
  2. Click on the flags icon (top right) and make sure the following options are selected:
  • global
  • multiline
  1. Work through the puzzles below by copying the text into the Text area of the RegExr site, and entering a regular expression in the Expression line to solve each puzzle.
  2. Have fun!

Tip: Use the Cheatsheet on the left side of the RegExr site to help work through each puzzle.

1. Capture the Numbers

Write a regular expression that captures phone numbers with Samoa's international prefix +685. Hint: The + is a reserved character, so use an escape (the backslash).

+64 9 888 777 (NO)
Not this line (NO)
+685 22333 (YES)
+0 800-234-5678 (NO)
+685 7754444 (YES)
+685 22-444 (YES)

2. Find ID Numbers

Find ID numbers in text - specifically, a number following the # character.

Not this line. (NO)
I like problem #24. (YES)
What a weird # character! (NO)
I have 5 dogs. (NO)
Item #978 rocks! (YES)
This #hashtag is weak. (NO)

3. Find Lines that Start with Words

Find lines that start with a word. Hint: Try using an anchor.

Tacos are yummy.
Chillies are hot.
99 cockroaches are in my backpack.
(3) monsters are chasing me.
No 1 found me.

4. Find Lines that Start with Capital Letter

Find lines that start with a capital letter. Hint: Try using character range.

I like my CoderDojo! (YES) is our new domain name. (NO)
My mentor made me type this. (YES)
(7) Geckos are on my ceiling. (NO)

5. Find Lines that Contain Specific Words

Find lines that contain apples or oranges. Hint: Try using a capturing group.

I like oranges and popcorn. (YES)
I like candy and popcorn. (NO)
I like apples and popcorn. (YES)


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